Sheer Sailcloth Tent, 32' Round

Price: $1500.00

Description: TENT DETAILS
Area: 804 sq. ft.
Perimeter: 100 ft.
Seated Guests: 30-50
Non-Seated Guests, for cocktails: 80

Our 32’ Round tent is a great choice for small gatherings such as micro weddings, graduation parties, birthday celebrations, bridal and baby showers, cocktail parties, community events, and small nonprofit fundraisers. This tent is suitable for modest backyards and offers plenty of shade to keep your guests comfortable while they enjoy the outdoors.

The 32’ Round tent is made of genuine and durable ivory sailcloth, giving it a soft, natural appearance. Its translucent fabric enhances event lighting, creating a beautiful glow as the day turns into evening.

Quantity: 1

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