Sheer Sailcloth Tent, 32'x51'

Price: $2050.00

Description: TENT DETAILS
Area: 1,444 sq. ft.
Perimeter: 140 ft.

Seated Guests, with room for dancing: 50-75
Non-Seated Guests, for cocktails: 125

The 32' x 51' tent has a compact footprint but offers ample space to accommodate 50-75 seated guests, making it a popular choice for smaller events. It is ideal for outdoor ceremonies, bridal and baby showers, funeral receptions, cocktail parties, and private gatherings. Additionally, this tent can be used as a separate cocktail/bar area or a generously sized catering tent alongside larger reception tents.

Like all our hand-sewn sailcloth tents, the 32' x 51' tent is made from genuine and durable ivory sailcloth. Its soft, natural appearance allows event lighting to shine, creating a warm glow as the day turns into the evening.

Quantity: 1