Sheer Sailcloth Tent, 45'x84'

Price: $3900.00

Description: TENT DETAILS
Area: 3,501 sq. ft.
Perimeter: 220 ft.
RECEPTION CAPACITY Seated Guests, with room for a band and dancing: 150-190
Non-Seated Guests, for cocktails: 300

This is our most popular tent and our top recommendation for weddings with 150+ guests. Featuring three peaks supported by three hand-milled center poles, it fits seamlessly into various landscapes. Paired with a 20’ x 20’ catering tent, it’s the perfect choice for an outdoor wedding reception. It's also a favorite for festivals, band concerts, and academic events. For shoulder seasons, don’t forget to include tent heaters—we recommend using them up until mid-June and starting again in mid-September.

Like all our hand-sewn sailcloth tents, the 45’ x 84’ is crafted from genuine and durable ivory sailcloth. Its soft, natural appearance is translucent to event lighting, creating a beautiful glow as day turns into evening.

Quantity: 1