Summer Serenity: A Garden Party Extravaganza

In the embrace of summer 2023, Lucky Penny Events curated an unforgettable wedding hosted in the intimate embrace of a backyard oasis. Against the canvas of a personal property, 150 cherished guests were invited to witness the union of love, surrounded by the quintessential charm of a crisp and clean garden party. Lucky Penny’s design thesis, a masterpiece in itself, unfolded with an emphasis on understated elegance punctuated by pops of unexpected details and vibrant colors.

The backyard transformed into a haven of serenity, adorned with meticulously arranged elements that celebrated the natural beauty of the surroundings. Lucky Penny’s design shone through as unexpected details seamlessly blended with the lush greenery—a testament to their commitment to creating moments of surprise and delight. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the celebration, the summer soirée became a timeless testament to love, laughter, and the artful touch of Lucky Penny Events.

Vendors that made it all come together:
Venue | Personal Property
Planning, Design and Rentals | Lucky Penny Events & Rentals 
Linens | Hostess Haven
Photos | Holly Felts Photography
Flowers | Bramble & Bloom
Catering | Jermaine’s and Homestead Hut